Star Wars on Ice

It’s All Blades

Those with a healthy work/life balance may not have heard yet, but Disney bought Lucasfilm. The Oct. 30th announcement, though slightly overshadowed by a rather sizable patch of inclement weather on the East Coast, created quite the buzz in certain corners of the Internet. Didn’t hurt that the announcement included the promise of a new Star Wars film in 2015.

The chorus of snarky crossover ideas poured forth fairly quickly. So that’s why I waited a week to post my own: Star Wars on Ice.

Disney has produced ice shows since the early 80s. This explains why I grew up with jokes about ice shows, I suppose. They have multiple ongoing productions, including Rockin’ Ever After, Treasure Trove, and 100 Years of Magic. You can check them out when they pass through a well-chilled arena near you on our Disney On Ice page.

I figure a well choreographed lightsaber fight on skates might be (forgive me) pretty cool. The first part of Empire Strikes Back practically begs for the ice show treatment. Seriously: AT-ATs on skates. Come to think of it, so does the last part of Empire, sorta. If you’re Han…

I’m sure there is already a hard line of fans lamenting the “impurities” that Disney could introduce. An ice show would certainly be considered such. You just have to look at the prequel trilogy to see how purity can be a bit of a double bladed lightsaber. So, lighten up and let it happen.

I know I could have used the Force the first time I tried to ice skate.




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