Incubus coming to Nikon At Jones Beach Theater in early August!

August 9th to be exact. Incubus is arguably the most original, crative mainstream rock band of my generation. If you’d like to argue, learn how to play a guitar and look at the sick, sick things Mike Einziger comes up with for his songs. They’re not easy to play, I’ll put it that way.

Incubus is amazing in concert, I’ve seen them at the Frank Erwin Center personally. They’re amazing because the music they produce live sounds exactly like the music they produce on their CD’s. Watch their drummer, on the CD he sounds like he’d be head-banging and thrashing his set and chewing through 3-4 pairs of sticks by the end of the show. Instead, he’s extremely calm, relaxed, and plays with great technicality. Go figure.

You can buy your tickets from us here at 800-SOLD-OUT.