Iowa State Tickets

It’s a good year to be an Iowa State Cyclones fan. Iowa State tickets are flying off the shelves already, and it’s not even August yet! A big reason for this, in my opinion, is the recent commitments that the Iowa State Cyclones have sealed up. They’ve already gotten written commitments from three 2-star recruits and one 3-star recruit! Jake McDonough, their 3-star 6’6″ 238 lb defensive end, is sure to shake things up a bit on the field as early as this year, assuming he doesn’t get red shirted. If you’re looking for Iowa State football tickets for the games against Kent on August 30th, which is the season opener, we’re who to call.

Most of the difficult match-ups for the Iowa State Cyclones happen to be on the road this year. Iowa State tickets against Nebraska and against Texas Tech will be hard to find because they’re playing away. But if you’re more interested in Cyclone tickets for the home games against Texas and Oklahoma on October 13th and 20th, respectively, they may be even harder to get. Those are huge match-ups for the Cyclones. I expect the Cyclones to beat Kent, Northern Iowa, Iowa, Toledo, Kansas State and Kansas. Iowa State tickets for the game against Iowa are going to be in hand in August, but you can purchase them now from us. They might also upset Missouri to pull off a 7 win season, but it’s yet to be revealed. If they get on a good run though, watch for Cyclone tickets for the Texas and Oklahoma games to jump in price.

The bottom line is if you need Iowa State football tickets for any game, or if you own Iowa State football tickets for the 2007-2008 season and want information on bowl game tickets, Ticket City has you covered.