iPhone Owners are Buying Tickets Online

If you don’t own an iphone or haven’t got to surf the web with one, then you just don’t know how suprisingly enjoyable surfing the web on such a small device can actually be. The really cool thing that we’ve discovered here at Ticket City is that iPhone owners are even buying tickets online, not just browsing for tickets and events and then calling us or worse yet, waiting to get onto a home or office computer to complete an order.

We’re continuing to see a rise in the number of iPhone browsers shopping for tickets. We love that unlike many other handheld devices we really don’t have to change the basic user experience for our website. Granted, we’re always working to improve the usability and performance of our site and want to ensure the best experience for all users of various browsers, operating systems and devices. We hope to continue to see the shopping trend of iPhone users increase and we’re glad to support ticket orders placed on iPhones.

If you’re reading this blog from an iPhone… what are you doing here… get over to our homepage and start searching for the tickets of your choice!!

If you’re using a Windows box with Internet Explorer… we enjoy your business too… please don’t think we have ANY dislike for Micro$oft.. they’re cool too 🙂