Is the economy beginning to affect fan loyalty?

It seems some NFL teams are having difficulty filling their stadiums and are taking a different approach to promoting local ticket sales.  Due to excess ticket inventory, several NFL games will not be aired in their local markets on Sunday. 

Detroit was the first market to black out an NFL game in 2008 when the Lions faced the Redskins on October 26.  For the second straight home game, Detroit will not air the Lions versus Jaguars game on Sunday November 9th. 

The city of Oakland followed suit and didn’t wait for today’s deadline to change their programming.  The Oakland Fox affiliate made the decision on Tuesday, two days before deadline.  No one knows the exact number of tickets that remain unsold for the Raiders versus Panthers game Sunday, but the match-up will be blacked out to their local fans.  Will we see this trend continue?

For those die-hard Lions and Raiders fans that don’t have tickets, don’t miss this Sunday’s game!  Find your NFL tickets here.