It Ain’t Over Yet!

When Dallas needed Dirk Nowitzki the most, he delivered in Game 5. The likely MVP poured in 12 of his 30 points during a decisive 15-0 run as the Mavs rallied for a 118-112 win over the Warriors. With the buffer between Dirk Nowitzki and the most ignominious first-round exit in NBA history down to about three minutes, Nowitzki had a whopping total of two shots in the second half. Not points. Shots. With his team down by 9 and just three minutes left to somehow overturn that deficit and stave off the coldest, harshest reception for the (presumed) most valuable player that this league has ever seen, Nowitzki had rung up two field-goal attempts in the two biggest quarters of his season. Neither of them coming in the fourth quarter. Ignominy? Try invisibility. Can the Mavs run the table to stay alive? Don’t miss out on what could be the greatest comeback in NBA history.

1.800.SOLD.OUT x112