It May Be March, But Football Is Here

With all of the March Madness upsets (No Kansas?  No Kentucky?) and surprises (Hello, Butler) surrounding the road to the Final Four this weekend in Indy, you might think it’s a bit soon to be thinking about football.  But we’d have to say you’re wrong.  If basketball brings March Madness, football brings a traveling March Madhouse stage where we watch our college football favorites strut their stuff and vie for a position in the NFL.

Football TicketsCollege superstars are currently showing off their skills to the NFL as Pro Days are underway, being a follow-up to the league combine and a preview to the draft.  Today is Pro Day at Texas and being here in Austin, we’re hearing all the hype and awaiting performances from the likes of Colt McCoy and Jordan Shipley.  Comparing NFL contenders on skills and basics such as vertical jump, broad jump, 40-yard dash and various drills, Pro Days seem to be getting everyone excited for football – both the NFL and college variety.

And it’s no different here at TicketCity.  Clients are locking in their purchases and requests for season and individual game tickets for the college football season.  Schedules are out and, yes, tickets are available.  Texas’ away-game season opener on September 4th against Rice at Reliant Stadium has got fans throughout Texas excited.  Being a short drive from the Longhorn’s backyard in Austin and home to a great number of UT and Rice alumni, Houston should have no problem luring fans to the Space City event.  For those not able to make the trip to H-town, it has been confirmed the September 4th game will air on ESPN.  The game starts at 2:30pm CT.

So enjoy the March Madness finale and get ready for some football.  You can checkout schedules and purchase college football tickets today.  One secret we’ll let you in on: you can find some great savings when you buy tickets early in season before things heat up and teams get hot.  Give TicketCity a call today to plan your 2010 football season!

Photo credit: / CC BY 2.0