It’s Good!

After the Oakland-San Diego game tonight, week one of the NFL season will be in the books. There were some amazing rookie debuts including last year’s Heisman trophy winner Robert Griffin III, who went 19-26 with 320 yards and 2 touchdowns and scrambled for 42 yards in the Redskins 40-32 victory over the Saints. RG3’s performance Sunday made him the only player to record 300+ passing yards and two touchdowns with no interceptions in their NFL debut. Andrew Luck, the other rookie on everyone’s radar, didn’t seem to live up to expectations as he went 23 of 45 for 309 yards and just one touchdown with 3 interceptions in the Colts loss to the Bears.

Week one was full of record-setting performances and one heck of a way to start out the 2012 season. Denver’s new dynasty quarterback, Peyton Manning, joined the 400 club in his debut as a Bronco. Manning is still 107 touchdowns behind leader Brett Favre and 19 behind Dan Marino, but he became the fastest QB to reach 400, doing so in only 209 games (nearly 20 games faster than the two ahead of him).

If you’re involved in a fantasy football league this season and happened to pick up David Akers as your kicker you had a great Sunday. Akers put up 12 points for the Niners in their win over the Packers. More importantly Akers kicked a 63-yard field goal that filled Lambeau field with a gong-like ringing as the ball went through the up rights. With only 2 seconds left in the first half Akers and the field goal team make their way to the field for the attempt. After a clean snap and a monstrous kick the crowd silenced just enough to hear the deep vibrating sound as the ball slammed into the crossbar. In slow motion the ball bounced strait up and rotated just enough to fall through turning the gasp from the crowd into pure bliss from 49er and Packers fans alike. The expression on Akers face is enough to tell you that he was shocked, as if he just kicked the Super Bowl winner the entire San Francisco team rushes the field and hoists the golden footed kicker into the air.

Akers kicked his way into the record books tying the current NFL record originally set by Tom Dempsey of the New Orleans Saints back in 1970. Since then only two other kickers have achieved the 63 yarder making Akers a part of an elite group of four, and this week’s TicketCity Play of the Week.