It’s M-E-T-A-L-L-I-C-A

These Are Your Fingers On A Keyboard. Any Questions?

Typing Pic For A Post On Misspellings, Very Creative, I Know

When not keeping track of what people are looking for on our website, one of my other terribly exciting jobs is making sure people find what they’re looking for. This includes handling misspelled searches. Since our search technology is a bit more modest than Google’s, I deal with misspellings manually. Which to say I notice them, decipher them, and add them to a table of “alternative” spellings for the artist in question. This means if these “creative interpretations” of the artist’s name are ever used again, they’ll end up right where they intended to be in the first place.

Since you’ve likely read the title and put two and two together by now, I present to you the many varied ways in which fans of the band Metallica express their desire to see them in concert through our search box:

  • matalica
  • matallica
  • metacilla
  • metaiilca
  • metaillica
  • metalica
  • metalicca
  • metallcia
  • metallia
  • metallic
  • metallics
  • metallicxa
  • metallivca
  • metallixa
  • metelica
  • metellica
  • meticallica
  • metlicca
  • metllica
  • mettalica
  • mettallica

Interestingly, this about the same number of misspelled versions as we have for everyone’s favorite southern-rock band / spelling conundrum: Lynyrd Skynyrd. I’m a bit more sympathetic to Skynyrd fans, as that one stumps me from time to time. Wikipedia tells me the band’s name is a riff on an old high school gym teacher with a no-tolerance policy for males with long hair, and not an attempt to win “most gratuitous use of the letter ‘y’ in a band name.”

Both Skynyrd and Metallica are on tour at the moment, so you can get tickets for both just one click of the mouse away.




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