It’s More Than Just a Two Minute Race

It's all about the hats.

It could not be any more different than where and how I grew up but I can’t wait to make my way to Churchhill Downs and the Kentucky Derby. I don’t know what a Mint Julep is but 120,000 of them are served every year at the Kentucky Derby so I should at least have two just to try. The biggest draw of the event is the hats. Old school or new school, big or small, feathered or flowered the parade of hats has become a time-honored tradition. While women rule the day on the hats, don’t be shocked to see men rocking a special lid for the day as well.

Let’s be honest, the Kentucky Derby is about the event, about the history, about the tradition and the spectacle because after all, it is just a two minute race. While some refer to it as the greatest two minutes in sports, in the end, it’s really quite simple for me. There are a lot of people having fun and I want to be one of them.

Sean Adams is a contributing writer on, radio host on 104.9 ESPN Austin’s “The Adams Theory”, author, and motivational speaker. Sean is a guest author on the TicketCity blog.