It’s time again for the Houston Rodeo!

Although all the performers have not been announced, here is a brief rundown of the superstars that will be there from March 3rd to March 22, 2009.

Mar 3| Rascal Flats
Mar 4| Alan Jackson
Mar 5| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 6| Black Heritage Day (performer unannounced)
Mar 7| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 8| Jonas Brothers
Mar 9| TBA
Mar 10| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 11| Reba McEntire
Mar 12| Brad Paisley
Mar 13| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 14| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 15| Go Tejano Day (performer unannounced)
Mar 16| TBA
Mar 17| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 18| Gary Allan
Mar 19| Pop (performer unannounced)
Mar 20| Taylor Swift
Mar 21| Country (performer unannounced)
Mar 22| Classic Rock (performer unannounced)

Now tickets are on sale at or by calling 1-800-SOLD OUT.

Don’t forget that with every concert ticket is a grounds pass that give you full access to all of the events within the Rodeo Grounds which means you will be able to enjoy food, shopping, live stock shows, bar-b-que contest, wine events and don’t forget about the carnival!!

So hurry to get your tickets to ensure a day full of fun for the whole family.