Jeff Burton wins in Dallas.

I’ve never been too much of a NASCAR fan, but I definitely can appreciate and respect the sport. I lived in southern Indiana for a few months a few years back, and in America’s heartland, people get a better idea of who you are by the block print number on your car or baseball cap rather than asking you where you work or where you’re from. In NASCAR country, the driver you support speaks about your personality, your character, even what kind of beer you drink. After speaking with numerous families in their homes about NASCAR, I finally began to get an understanding of what makes people watch cars race around a circular track 500 times and get pumped up about it.

From what I can tell, you just have to be there to understand. Once you attend a major NASCAR event, like the Samsung 500 that Jeff Burton won on Sunday, you’ll get it. Even if you have no interest in the sport, the atmosphere at NASCAR events is one that will make your ears prick a little bit the next time you hear highlights on Sportscenter about Jeff Gordon or Matt Kenseth. Once you find out a little bit about the drivers, you may prefer one to the others. Then you can hit the local Wal Mart and pick up a hat with his/her number on it.. and viola! You’re a Nascar fan.

Jeff Burton passed Matt Kenseth on turn two of the final lap of the Samsung 500 on Sunday to take the checkered flag. I don’t know much about NASCAR, but that sounds pretty exciting.


You can check out the Sams Town 400 that goes down Dallas in June, for information call 1-800-SOLD-OUT.