Jerry Seinfeld Directs Colin Quinn To Broadway

Everyone wants to direct, and Jerry Seinfeld gets his chance (well, second one, according to the IMDb) at it. This time it’s not a video package for The Concert for New York, though it’s in the same city, on Broadway, with Colin Quinn’s one man show Long Story Short.

While Seinfeld is fairly well known for the sitcom of the same name, Quinn is remembered for his run on Saturday Night Live, where he eventually became the “Weekend Update” anchor. He was okay, Miller is still the best. I say that only so you can all think “hey, now I know when you first started watching SNL.”

Quinn is also notable for having hosted the roundtable talk show Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, which was an earlier attempt by Comedy Central to find a good programming match to air after The Daily Show. Having been one of the the apparently small number of people too lazy to change the channel after TDS was over, I do remember Quinn quipping one night about the show being up for renewal and how they should be nice to him or he’d leave…

Colin Quinn: Long Story Short, continues in the tradition of shows with Colin Quinn’s name in it, and will appear at the Helen Hayes Theater previewing October 22nd with an official opening date of Nov 9th. The “long story” in question is no less than a history of the world as seen through the eyes of various declining empires. Presumably jokes will be involved.