Justin Timberlake still touring

Yeah, so back in March I went to a Timberlake concert. /gasp. I took my wife for Valentines Day/her birthday, so maybe that will take away some of the inevitable jeering I’ll get from Jeremiah (probably not).
However, in JT’s defense, he has come out of his shell and has finally generated enough clout in the music industry to do what he wants as far as his songs as well as his public image. It seems to me that the remnants of “heartthrob” Justin that we still see occasionally are mostly a product of his managers and record label. From what I can tell, he seems like a natural performer that’s been exploited by the big-music-industry since he was a kid.

Recently, he’s appeared on Ellen as the Gingerbreadman, hosted Nickalodeon’s Kid’s Choice Awards (including a pretty goofy set of TV commercials) and when I saw him in concert, his show allowed for more of his personality to come through than I expected (I anticipated a lame “N’Sync” like performance filled with cheesy things like fog machines and shadows of him dancing).

All in all, it was a great show, and I’d definately suggest anyone that still has the chance to to go see him if they can. I’d STRONGLY suggest buying the General Admission floor tickets, as even I was impressed with the value as they cost just twice what the upper section tickets did, but let us stand not 10 feet from the stage.
1-800-SOLD-OUT for information, and ask for me.