Kansas Tickets

Wow, the Kansas Jayhawks are going to be stacked in the nest season or two. It’s definitely a good time to look into getting your Kansas football tickets for the upcoming 2007-2008 season. To elaborate, Kansas already has three 3-star recruits that have committed to their program: Tim Biere and Tanner Hawkinson, both tight ends, and Daymond Patterson, a wide receiver. Kansas plays Central Michigan for it’s home opener, followed by S.E. Louisiana, Toledo, at home Florida International on consecutive weeks, all at home. With an easy start to their schedule, look for the Jayhawks to gain momentum heading into the second half of their schedule. If they do, they may have a chance to upset Texas A&M at College Station, Nebraska at home, or Oklahoma State in Stillwater. We’ve already sold most of our Jayhawks tickets for those games, but don’t worry: we still have a few Jayhawks tickets left. Look for Kansas tickets to any game of the second half of the schedule to be worth at least twice what the same tickets for a game in the first half would be worth. If you start shopping with us for your Kansas tickets now, you’ll guarantee yourself a low price.

This year the Kansas Jayhawks are out to prove to the Big 12 that their athletic program is NOT only notable for it’s strong basketball tradition. It’s gonna be a big season. The Jayhawks have a chance to start something special for the next 10 years at the school, in terms of the football program.

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