Kevin Durant leaves Austin

Kevin Durant announced today that he will be entering the 2007 NBA Draft. This is bad news for a lot of folks, including Joakim Noah, Al Horford and Co. from Florida, as well as any U.T. Basketball fan.

Kevin Durant now competes (again) with Greg Oden from Ohio State in regards to which of the two is the more valuable college freshman in the nation. Either Oden or Durant will be chosen number one in the 2007 NBA draft, probably by a team from the East (Memphis, Boston, Milwaukee, Atlanta or Charlotte). My bet is Oden, because a 7 footer is a much safer bet for an NBA team looking to make a solid draft than Durant, especially for Memphis, who will be looking to improve on their defense (second worst in the league).
HOWEVER, I also think that Durant will continue is perfect streak of records in his first season in the N.B.A., regardless of if he goes first or second(starting with the MVP for the McDonalds High School game in 2006 and continuing into 6 out of 6 possible national awards for a college rookie). Kevin Durant will be the 2007-2008 NBA Rookie of the year, and if he stays injury free for his first 4 or 5 years, look to see him take his draft team to the playoffs a few times, but never past the first round.

There was about a 1% chance of Durant staying for a second season at U.T., so this announcement doesn’t come as much of a suprise, but it is very disheartening for U.T. Basketball fans. Durant brought a level of excitement to the Erwin Center that hadn’t been there since T.J. Ford played. He was just as much fun to watch as Ford, and sure beat watching Buckman and Co. the last couple of seasons.

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