The Other Lead – The Sports Weekend in GIFs, Videos and Pictures

We start with the ugly, where Ndamakong Suh just broke the record for the biggest fine for an on-field incident in NFL history. $100K. Will he pay it like Randy Moss said he paid his fines (“Straight cash, homie”)?


Chip Kelly’s fast-paced Oregon offense is the talk of the NFL, but having 15 more offensive plays every game also gives your mobile quarterback 15 more chances to get hit. Michael Vick took the full force of Jarius Wynn’s wrath on this play in the fourth quarter:


The coolest image from this weekend’s games is the reflection of Megatron in the visor of Patrick Peterson’s helmet. Seeing Calvin Johnson line up across from you must be pretty daunting for an opposing cornerback, even if you’re one of the best in the game.  (Johnson had 116 yards, 2 TDs).


This one was one of the most anticipated, hyped and completely predictable boxing matches you’ll ever see. Saturday night, Floyd Mayweather jabbed his away into another title by winning just about every round against Canelo Alvarez. These days Floyd doesn’t KO opposing fighters, he just boxes the way a 36-year old undefeated champion should.


This is a bad way to lose a game. When the officials have to apologize after the game, you know you just got robbed. Here we see Wisconsin QB Joel Stave kneel down the ball, then place it down so he can spike the next snap to set up a game-winning 31-yard field goal. An Arizona State lineman jumps on the ball and does not give the ASU player a delay of game penalty — instead takes his time re-setting the ball allowing every second left in the game to tick off the clock. Time expires, no field goal, Wisconsin loses. Life isn’t fair.

There was some debate over whether he actually kneeled it down. We leave you with this: He did.




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