Looking for laughs? Go see Robin Williams.

Robin Williams 2009 tour schedule.

Comedian Robin Williams is currently criss-crossing the country on his latest stand up comedy tour.  His show at the Frank Erwin Center in Austin was the sixth show on the 2009 Weapons of Self Destruction tour.  The Erwin Center used their theater style setup which basically cuts the 16K seat venue in half in order to create a more intimate atmosphere.  Sitting in the 25th row of the arena-level (lower level) I did not really feel as cozy as I might have at Bass Concert Hall or the Long Center (both smaller venues), but that was about the only drawback of this show.

Williams walked on stage a few minutes after 8PM.  Which surprised me, because comedians usually have an opening act to warm up the crowd and get them laughing.  I’ve seen Jerry Seinfeld a couple of times and he always has someone play a 20 minute set prior to his.  But it was quickly evident why Robin Williams did not have anyone open up for him.  He didn’t need anyone to warm up the crowd…

Robin Williams had the crowd laughing from the moment he opened his mouth until the second he set down the microphone at the end.  His jokes were rapid fire and every new subject he brought up was seamlessly tied into his previous subject.  He started with a 20 minute set of jokes about Austin and Texas that touched on many local topics.  Not only hilarious, it was impressive because Williams had obviously done his homework.  His ability to to talk about local topics of interest and crack jokes on items that are currently playing out in the media (Obama, stimulus package, Phelps smoking weed) was made this his show truly genius.  Very few comedians can work with material that deals with current events and make it funny.  Robin Williams did.

Overall the show was greatly entertaining.  Williams did almost two hours of comedy, including a brief encore at the end.  His style has the crowd laughing non-stop, as he does one joke after the other in rapid fire succession.  A Seinfeld stand up show has peaks and valleys as he builds up to big jokes.  The only valleys in Williams show were the few seconds he might pause to take a sip of water.  He put on a show that was truly two hours of non-stop laughs.

If you are looking for an evening of laughs, I highly recommend getting out to see Robin Williams.  His subject matter touches on a wide variety of funny topics, and he is an equal opportunity offender.  He makes just as much fun of himself as he does everyone else.  But if you are someone who is easily offended, especially by lewd language, then this might not be the show for you.  Every other word out of Williams mouth is the f-word and he tackles a variety of lewd subjects.  But assuming you can handle some adult language and subjects, then definitely go see Robin Williams on his current tour.

I give the Robin Williams show two thumbs up.  Hilarious evening and well worth the price of admission.

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