LOVE (Beatles show in Las Vegas at Mirage)

I took my father this weekend to see (LOVE) the newest Cirque show in Vegas at the Mirage. It was a marvelous show with lots of young enthusiastic actors and amazing costumes. The music was terrific and the acrobatics outstanding. What a great experience to share with my dad. We really enjoyed ourselves and loved the fact that he got to participate in the show when a giant sheet covered the entire audience. If you are fortunate enough to go to this show, I recommend sitting anywhere in the 200 level because the lower 100 level does not enable you to see all the action that is occuring throughout the perfomance.

I also suggest you buy your seats early from TicketCity at 1-800-SOLD-OUT because this show sells quickly because it is in such a small and intimate setting.

Thanks Dad for hanging out and having a great weekend with your son.

Randy Cohen
Chief Energizing Officer