Mavericks lose! Warriors upset the number one seed.

The Mavs were just the 12th team in league history to win 65 games or more. Ten of the other 11 went on to win a championship, with only the 1972-73 Boston Celtics — who featured a certain Don Nelson — falling short when they failed to use a 68-14 record as a springboard to a title largely because of an injury in the conference finals suffered by John Havlicek.

Dallas didn’t even grace Round 2 and has no such alibis, no matter how many matchup advantages Golden State possessed and even though it’s never been more clear that the Warriors weren’t your typical No. 8 seed. The Mavs’ considerable playoff experience, when it mattered, counted for nothing. They were bullied and psyched out yet again in Game 6, even though Baron Davis had to play on one leg for most of Thursday’s clincher … and even though the victorious Warriors, led by longtime Mavs killer Stephen Jackson, hadn’t participated in a Game 6 of any kind since (no misprint) 1977.

So you have to figure changes are coming in Mavland, after a wound to their psyches like this one. Mainly because you have to figure that what happened in Miami and then Oakland, with pretty much the same core of players both times, is not unrelated. This group was just not mentally tough enough.