Over the holiday my family and I went to the Mavs game in Dallas. I bought the tickets from TicketCity for my dad as a Christmas present. My parents have gone to a few games in their past life (the one before my brother and I as I like to call it) so needless to say its been years. I have never been to a professional basketball game before and was pleasantly surprised by how much fun we had as a family.

We all got concession stand food; which we all know is totally unhealthy and we shared nachos, pizza, pretzels, hot dogs, it was a smorgasbord of cheap food and it was fabulous! This particular game was one of the most exciting basketball games I have gone seen. The Mavericks had their biggest come back in history 30 points to win the game! In our up top section with all the other families surrounding us my mom and I jumped up and down and my dad high fived the other dads and it was an amazing night. Needless to say my younger brother, who could care less about any sports, will be the only one disappointed in this newly established family tradition. (My parents are already making plans for next years game). We figured out that for about the same price for a family of four to go to dinner we could all go to a game together and have more interaction and better memories!