McGahee’s Released from Hospital

The AFC Championship is always going to be an exciting game!  Especially when two rivals like the Ravens and the Steelers are playing.  In the fourth quarter the win or lose was lost with me.   This happened immediately upon Ravens Running Back, Willis McGahee, suffered a devastating blow when  Ryan Clark’s helmet collided with his.  This resulted in both players laying on the field motionless for several minutes.  My heart stopped!!  To my relief, Clark was escorted off the field with the help of his teammates after a few minutes.  After he returned to the side lines, he still looked a little shaken up by the hit.  On the other hand, McGaheeremained on the field for close to 10 minutes until his neck was stabilized and a cart was brought to carry him off the field.  It was said that McGahee was complaining of severe neck pain, but when I saw how much he was able to move his arms and legs I felt a wave of relief.

I was happy to find out this morning that McGahee only spent Sunday night at UPMC Presbyterian Hopital in Pittsburgh, and was released this morning with a spokesperson for the team telling Baltimore Sun that he was “neurologically intact.”