Metallica playing at Stubbs

Rumors are flying around that Metallica, or at least some of the members of the band, will be playing at Stubb’s during SXSW on Friday March 20th.  There has been nothing confirmed, and some people think that if there was a show planned, it will no longer be played since front-man James Hetfieldwas recently hospitalized for a short period when he was diagnosed with dehydration caused by a stomach bug.

According to the Stubb’s calender, there are day events scheduled, but nothing thus far at night.  Then there is the SXSW website, that has a “Guitar Hero Metallica Madness Competition” at 10pm….perfect time for an impromptu performance from this band!  I don’t believe they are selling tickets to this event, or they aren’t as of today.  It is possible that it might be a wristband event, although the majority of those events will still sell tickets at the venue before the show!

Most likely, as with most big band surprise performances, we won’t know if they really are playing until MAYBE 30 minutes before!  So if you love Metallica, I would make plans to go see the Guitar Hero Competition, maybe enter yourself if possible, and hope for the chance to see your favorite band live.  Otherwise you will be the poor schmo who is listening to the band thru the fence at Sidebar or possibly the guy that wasted his metal experience that night on Black Cobra at Emo’s, when you were only a street away from seeing your favorite band play live.

So my advice regarding this possible concert is an homage to UT Football….Come Early…Be Loud…Stay Late…and add on a little ROCK ON!