Michael Jackson Comeback Concert??

Confidential sources confirmed that Michael Jackson would be scheduling a series of live performances, possibly in 2009.  The announcement of when the shows will take place will be announced within a week, sources say.  The exact locations of the shows and the time that the show will carry on, are not yet known, but reports have stated that they have discussed a 30-show run in Vegas or possibly London.

There have been talks of his comeback tour for quite some time, ever with speculations that he and The Jackson Five would perform a reunion tour, which ended up being a rumor.  Apparently, a equity group purchased the loan on Jackson’s Neverland Rand in California last year.  It was speculated the they company was looking at various ways that Jackson could repay the loan, one of which being several live performances. 

We won’t know for sure if the tour will be in sight for a while, but we will keep you updated on all that we know.  But if it does manifest sometime this year, you know it will be a hot show!  Can’t wait to see what unfolds!