World Series Experience

The World Series is among one of the top events to attend each year, as it marks the end of Major League Baseball’s regular season. Each October, or mid-autumn, the Fall Classic kicks-off a series of games hosting the top two teams from each the National and American Leagues. The World Series is played as a best-of-seven games match, to allow the best possible outcome of each two teams competing, and the winner becomes the Major League Baseball’s champion for that year. Unlike other championship events during which one game determines the best team for that year, the World Series is a championship that is won in the tournament style spanning several days.

The World Series is the ultimate arena to watch baseball, because all the best players are here. Just look at our list of MVP’s from former World Series and you will find almost every famous player from that era honored in its columns. If baseball is America’s favorite pastime, then the World Series is America’s favorite championship. In 2007, over 173,000 fans attended four games to watch the Boston Red Sox win their second title in three years. Because there are at least four games played during the series, this gives fans multiple opportunities to see their team in the championship, and therefore more fans attend the World Series than any other American professional sport championship, except maybe the NBA finals.

Attending the World Series is an unbelievable experience, as fans of both teams are hyped to the occasion. Fans bring posters, banners, costumes and body paint to the game, and are typically dressed head-to-toe in team colors. Some hardcore fans become extremely superstitious during the Series, and they will wear a shirt or another article of clothing without washing it during the entire Series (or season), for fears that their team could lose if they did so. That, my friends, is team dedication! The atmosphere of the stadiums and ball parks are ecstatic during the series, charged with the hopes of fans that their team will win the ultimate baseball glory in a national championship.

Come and be a part of the action at this year’s World Series. We sell tickets to every game of the series, and you can bet that if the teams play past game six, we will still have the best tickets to game seven, so you can see your team make history. And that’s exactly what baseball is: American history in the making.