Monday night raw in Austin,Tx 5-31-10

I recently went to the Frank Irwin Center to see a live taping of WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW. Even though the event was sold out through the box office, some folks over at TicketCity were able to get me good tickets the day of the event. I love watching WWE at home, but it was so different getting to see The Edge, John Cena, and Vince McMahon in person.

I always remember Vince Mcmahon being a control freak and the crowd always hating him. That was exactly happened at Raw. I hadn’t really followed seriously, like I did when I was younger, but it was almost like I never stopped watching. He came out down the walk way and the crowd booed. I thought it was hilarious and incredible that he is still playing the same character he played ten years ago as the evil boss. Then Bret Hart, another WWE legend who I remember from when I was a kid just returned as the commissioner of the WWE, and he is now challenging Vince to a fight.

 Meanwhile Ashton Kutcher was the host for the night. He played a small part in the night, but did some comedy skits, and was mostly there to promote his new movie, Killers.  It was amazing seeing my favorite wrestlers, and the excitement of the live crowd. It was truly an amazing experience getting to be at a live WWE event.

There were only 13,000 at the Frank Irwin Center, and that seemed like a lot of people. The excitement of watching the WWE live not only comes from the giant athletes slamming each other on the mat and being hit with chairs, but the story lines have gotten so intense and bizarre, that the crowd relates and has fun with the story. The fans go crazy and I had fun going along with it. Getting to see this live event with so many other people really makes it more fun and intense. I think I might check out the event

I can’t wait to do it again!