The Monster Tour in the Room

The Monster Single Cover

The Monster Single Cover

As a fan of irony, and watching Rihanna videos, this announcement pleases me for two reasons. Rihanna and Eminem have announced “The Monster Tour” is coming this August. It will monstrously tour a grand total of three cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

At the moment that is all that is known about the tour, venues and dates have yet to be announced. The two have a history of collaboration on tracks, including “Love The Way You Lie” & “The Monster,” the latest hit from Eminem’s most recent album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2. I’m going to guess it’s also where they got the name of the tour…

Tickets for the Monster Tour will be available on our Rihanna page or our Eminem page when they actually become available. That’s not right now, because of the whole “no dates, no venues yet” thing.

I was… um… forced… yes, that sounds good… “forced” to review a number of Rihanna videos to pick one for presentation in this blog post. Here’s a classic, “Umbrella,” which, like many of her videos, is a “music video” music video. By which I mean it’s the age-old group of vaguely random, but similarly themed shots of her singing the song, and, since it’s Rihanna, moving about in a less-than-vaguely suggestive manner. No narrative, no “message,” just a few different outfits, few different sets, edit them all together, and *bam*, art.