More Hollywood On Broadway

Broadway is betting on Hollywood again for another new production, this one featuring a far fewer number of fake American accents. A Broadway production of Donald Margulies play Time Stands Still is set to open January 2010 at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre and will feature the talents of Laura Linney and Alicia Silverstone.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia Silverstone

Time Stands Still tells the story of a photojournalist (Linney) wounded in Iraq, who, upon returning home, has to learn to adjust once more to domestic life with her journalist husband. Silverstone plays the role of an older photo editor’s sunny younger girlfriend, a part she played in productions prior to the Broadway run as well. Linney has worked with Margulies’ material before, in 2004’s Sight Unseen.

Miss Silverstone hasn’t been on the big screen much recently, though I would forfeit my geek cred if I didn’t mention she played Batgirl in one of the 90’s era Bat-films. You know, the ones before Christopher Nolan rescued the franchise. The closest genre credit I can get with Laura Linney is a turn as female lead in one of the lesser known Michael Crichton film projects, Congo. I’ll admit I went to the movie theatre to see it, too.

Should you wish to go to the “legitimate theatre” and see Laura Linney, you can check for tickets when they become available here: Time Stands Still Tickets.




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