Morrissey in Austin April 12th

The English Born, Steven Patrick Morrissey, will make his way across the pond to entertain the people of the States.  The performer who has been apart of several bands, most famously, The Smiths, is taking a solo tour this go around.  He will be stopping in several major cities, including Milwaukee, Chicago, Houston, Dallas and the capital city, Austin Texas. 

With this tour, also comes the release of a new Single and Album from this seasoned musician.  The album “Years of Refusal” with his next single to be released “Something is Squeezing my Skull” is scheduled to be released on Monday, April 27th in the UK. 

But if you notice, the dates are kinda skewed.  You know what that means!!! When you go to the show, most likely you will be one of the few to hear his new stuff from him new album before it’s released in stores!  That in itself would make me buy a ticket!! And if you don’t have your hand on them yet, for Austin or any other city that he is playing, have no fear!  Visit or call 1-800-SOLD OUT to obtain your tickets today!