Murphy’s Law of Events

Murphy’s Law of Events states that there will always be someone that either shows up a day early or a day late for an event.  Tonight it was me. (A week early, thank you very much.) Next time it could be you.  So learn from my mistakes, Young Grasshopper:  read that stuff on the ticket that talks about the date and the venue.

I was supposed to go hear some bands perform for a local music channel.  Doesn’t sound very exciting?  Well, last time I went I was lucky enough to catch “one of the great American bands of our time,”  KINGS OF LEON.  If you are up for some fun, dirty, southern fried swagger check these guys out.  “Red Morning Light” and “Holy Roller Novacain” are two favorites of mine.  (I’ll have to find another, more appropriate time to tell the story about how I acquired my most cherished posession in the world, a drumstick from that show.)

Catching a good musical act live – well, there just isn’t anything like it.  Whether it is in a small club or Madison Square Garden, there’s just something about the vibe.  And after a really good show it stays with you carrying you above the mundane and thoughtless acts that we are so used to every day.  Whether it’s Jay-Z, Van Halen, or even a musical like Chicago, treat yourself and make some new, spectacular memories.  Relive the past or catch some of the new wave that’s coming in (Tool).  Life is an event – you should never miss an experience.  Besides, it beats working late and watching Daily Show reruns.