Musical Sister Act Heads to Broadway

Stop me if you’ve heard this one. Successful box office vehicle is adapted to musical and is heading to Broadway. Though you should have stopped me by now, I’ll go ahead and reveal that Sister Act will be opening at the Broadway Theatre in spring 2011. In the defense of both parties, the film was actually a musical, and the musical isn’t new, it’s been around since 2006, opening first in Pasadena and more recently playing in London’s prestigious West End.

Both the film and the musical tell the the story of lounge act Deloris Van Cartier and her time spent hiding out from her mobster ex-boyfriend in a convent. Deloris helps tune up the choir while she’s there, ends up leading them to success, and eventually performing for the Pope. The bit about her ruthless killer ex- is also, at some point, resolved happily.

The musical version of Sister Act is written by Cheri and Bill Steinkellner, with lyrics by Glenn Slater and music by Alan Menken, man very familiar with scoring film adaptions as well as films. No word yet on who will be staring in this new production yet. Likewise, tickets are not yet avaialble, but will, eventually, on our Sister Act Tickets page.




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