Must read for anyone attending 2008 Beijing Games

The 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China are only 2 months away.  Soon athletes, media and visitors from will around the world will begin to make their way to Beijing to get settled in for the start of the Summer Games.  The official start date of the Summer Olympics that NBC is hyping is 8/8/2008, which is the date of the Opening Ceremonies, but the events actually begin on August 6th with soccer matches in 4 different locations.

There is a lot to learn for anyone visiting China for the Summer Games, and on Tuesday the New York Times ran a story on a document that IOC released that had “57 questions that a foreign visitor to the Olympic Games may have”.  The Wall Street Journal blogalso listed some interesting excerpts from the IOC’s release, including hard hitting questions like “How are public drunk people handled?”.  The questions the Olympic Committee released provide a few interesting tidbits, so make sure you read them if you are planning to visit China for the Games.

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