My Favorite Christmas Story

While it pains me to talk Christmas in the middle of November, the timing can’t be avoided on this one. A Christmas Story, The Musical opened today on Broadway. While it’s standard procedure for publicists to tout the latest product of the Hollywood-to-Broadway pipeline as “based on a beloved classic”, in this case, I find myself in agreement.

Yes, I’m going to trot out the “before it was cool” thing. I saw the film at age 8, something the weak box office receipts of the original run suggest can’t be a boast made by many. (Though I’m not sure I’d want to waste my boasts on that.) Mostly panned by critics, it limped through the holiday season before disappearing. But not for good.

As Turner likes to remind you, A Christmas Story is a big thing now. That seems to be the result of that rare phenomenon: “it was shown on TV, a lot.” I still doze off to the marathon most Christmas Eves.

Now, it’s big enough for a new musical adaptation that’s running through the holidays at Broadway’s Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. While I’ve only been reading up on it, it appears to cover all the highlights: poles, lamps, bunny suits, hungry dogs, and more.

One does not need to be the beneficiary of a major award to check out the show, no matter how fragile. Check our listings for A Christmas Story, The Musical and see how well Ralphie can sing in that pink nightmare.




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