My predictions on Cavs/Spurs

Here’s what I think is going to shake down in the NBA Finals this year. By the way, if I’m right, I want some kind of recognition for this, because I’m one of the “idiots” that’s giving the Cavs a chance to do big things. Look for Greg Popovich to experiment with a “4 man box and 1” which puts Duncan in the paint, Ginobli, Parker and Oberto at free throw line extended, and Bowen literally face guarding James the entire night. As for the game-by-game, here’s what I think:

The Cavs will explode in Game 1 early but will not be able to make shots down the strech and will lose a close game. Spurs 85 Cavs 80.

In Game 2, Lebron James and Larry Hughes combine for 60 points and the Cavs hold the Spurs to less than 75 points. Cavs 84 Spurs 72.

Games 3 and 4, the crowd in Cleveland won’t allow the Cavs to lose and carries James to new heights. The Cavs stun the Spurs by going up 3-1 on the series in two routing wins.

Game 5, Gibson hurts his back, James twists an ankle, and the Cavs lose.

Game 6 and 7, with James playing injured, the Spurs close the series in 7.

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