National Signing Day

Today is the day. Whether you cheer for the University of Texas, Florida, Notre Dame, Nebraska Syracuse all the way down to Abilene Christian and Mt. Union, the first Wednesday in February is the life blood for every football program.

Coaches are important and fan bases are important but the games are won and lost with the players recruited into the program. Sure you have to coach them up and sure you have to develop them but procuring talent is what makes a program successful.

Now to the players as today is the culmination of a lot of dreams and I can’t isolate that to the players. It’s the parents and family that are paying for camps, driving hundreds of miles to seven-on-seven and purchasing everything from meals to eye black to cleats to flights to everything else needed to build the exposure needed to garner a football scholarship.

So this fall when you are in your favorite stadium watching your Alma mater or your favorite team play, remember it started for a lot of teams today.

I still laugh when I think about the fact that there are grown men with families, money, power and the like with their lives are tied to the wishes of 17 and 18-year olds that decide to come play football for them.

You want to know how good your favorite team is going to be over the next few years, check out today.




Sean is an expert radio and television guest and commentator covering the national perspective and the history of college football. Currently a columnist covering the University of Texas athletics for and HornsNation, Sean is also a contributor to Longhorn Network.