NBA Playoff Predictor: Charlotte Bobcats

Al Jefferson is one of the best players that you’ve never heard of

The Charlotte Bobcats have been down in the dumps for a while, and some poor draft choices may be to blame. A flub on #3 overall pick Adam Morrison is the most glaring one, but the franchise as a whole has been mismanaged for many years. Michael Jordan took the reigns in 2010, and this season is the first time that the Bobcats have a legitimate shot at the postseason. With a core of Al Jefferson, Kemba Walker, Josh McRoberts and Bismark Biyombo, they look like a team that could be one of the East’s top 8 — whatever that may mean to you. Let’s look a little closer at the numbers:

  • Jefferson leads the team in points per game (20.1), rebounds per game (10.5) and blocks per game (1.2).
  • 26th in points per game
  • 5th in points allowed per game
  • Hollinger Playoff Odds: 68.5%
  • Allowed under 90 points 16 times so far this season

Charlotte has all the makings of a fringe playoff team, but the Eastern Conference is so bad, they almost have to make it in. Even at 23-30, they’re currently in the 8th spot — as well as only three games behind #5 Atlanta and 1.5 games above Detroit in 9th. I’ll give this young team a 55% chance of making the postseason. I think that’s fair, especially since it would be 0% if they were in the West.





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