NBA Tickets for 2007-2008 Season

The first preseason NBA games of the ’07-’08 season start today. And tickets for all NBA games are available now. Buy cheap NBA preseason tickets and also find great deals on NBA tickets for all regular season games.

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Bold predictions for the 2007-2008 NBA Season:

* The Miami Heat will beat the Phoenix Suns in the 2008 NBA Finals. The Suns will finally get over the hump against the Spurs. And the Heat will come from way back in the second half of the season to gain a playoff spot. Then they’ll use their experience to win the East over the Celtics, Pistons and Cavaliers. Shaq will play solidly in the playoffs, but DWade will come back from his injury to lead the team. Shaq will then decide to retire after this season.

* Carmelo Anthony will win the NBA MVP award. Melo had a very strong Summer playing for Team USA in the FIBA Championships. He’ll use the confidence he picked up their to push him to a big season. His teammate, Allen Iverson, will use this season to get Carmelo the ball more. And the Denver Nuggets will 50+ games and make the playoffs in the Western Conference.

* Kevin Durant will runaway with the NBA Rookie of the Year award. Durant will lead the Seattle Supersonics to 40 wins, but they’ll just miss the NBA playoffs in the stacked Western Conference. Durant will average 20 points and 8 boards per game in his rookie season.

* PJ Carlesimo will win win NBA Coach of the Year for the great job he does managing the young Seattle team.




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