2019-2020 NBA Schedule Highlights

What are the biggest games on 2019-2020 NBA schedule? We breakdown our top games, and teams, in the NBA for the season. We analyzed which NBA games are getting the most demand and what are the “must-see” games for every big basketball fan.

Top NBA Games 2019-2020 Season

  • Sept 30: NBA Preseason Games Begin
  • Oct 18: Last Day of NBA Preseason Games
  • Oct 22: NBA Opening Night. Clippers vs Lakers, Raptors vs Pelicans
  • Oct 24: Clippers vs Warriors in San Francisco
  • Oct 25: Mavericks vs Pelicans in New Orleans
  • Oct 25: Knicks vs Nets in Brooklyn
  • Oct 31: Clippers vs Spurs in San Antonio
  • Nov 6: Warriors vs Rockets in Houston
  • Nov 14: Mavericks vs Knicks in New York City
  • Nov 24: Nets vs Knicks in New York City
  • Nov 27: Lakers vs Pelicans in New Orleans
  • Dec 3: Rockets vs Spurs in San Antonio
  • Dec 11: Clippers vs Raptors in Toronto
  • Dec 12: Mavericks vs Pistons in Mexico City
  • Dec 14: Spurs vs Suns in Mexico City
  • Dec 16: Spurs vs Rockets in Houston
  • Dec 19: Lakers vs Bucks in Milwaukee
  • Dec 25: Clippers vs Lakers, Bucks vs 76ers, Rockets vs Warriors
  • Jan 9: Rockets vs Thunder in OKC
  • Jan 10: Pelicans vs Knicks in New York City
  • Jan 12: Spurs vs Raptors in Toronto
  • Jan 18: Lakers vs Rockets in Houston
  • Jan 20: Lakers vs Celtics in Boston
  • Jan 23: Lakers vs Nets in Brooklyn
  • Jan 24: Bucks vs Hornets in Paris, France
  • Jan 26: Nets vs Knicks in New York City
  • Feb 5: Warriors vs Nets in Brooklyn
  • Feb 8: Lakers vs Warriors in San Francisco
  • Feb 16: NBA All-Star Game in Chicago
  • Feb 20: Rockets vs Warriors in San Francisco
  • Feb 23: Celtics vs Lakers in Los Angeles
  • Mar 5: Raptors vs Warriors in San Francisco
  • Mar 12: Lakers vs Rockets in Los Angeles
  • Mar 16: Warriors vs Raptors in Toronto
  • Mar 25: Clippers vs Nets in Brooklyn
  • Apr 2: Warriors vs Rockets in Houston
  • Apr 9: Last Day of Regular-Season: Lakers vs Warriors
  • June: 2020 NBA Finals (exact TBD)

Which team does everyone want to see play?

Demand for NBA tickets has been on the rise at TicketCity. We see more fans wanting to see the top players (Curry, Durant, Harden, & James) than in past seasons, which this season is driving the most demand for the “super teams”. Currently the top demand (based on search traffic & sales) is coming for the: Clippers, Lakers, Rockets & Warriors. Followed closely by the Celtics & Nets.

Where is the 2020 NBA All-Star Game?

Chicago will host the 2020 NBA All-Star Game at the United Center on Sunday, February 16, 2020. The All-Star Game will visit the Windy City for the first time since 1988. NBA All-Star Weekend festivities begin on Friday, February 14th with the Rising Stars Challenge. On Saturday night is the NBA Dunk Contest and 3-Point Shootout. Then on Sunday is the NBA All-Star Game.

What is the top NBA venue this season?

The Chase Center in San Francisco is the top venue in the NBA this season, because it is the newest venue and home of the Golden State Warriors. Fans all want to be there early to check it out. The first NBA game at the Chase Center is a pre-season game between the Warriors and Los Angeles Lakers on October 5th. The first regular-season game in Chase will be Warriors/Clippers on October 24th. This is the most recent venue to open since the Bucks opened Fiserv Forum in 2018. The Chase Center is located at 300 16th Street in San Francisco, which is Mission Bay right by the San Franciso Bay.