NBA Finals Champions

Who Will Win the 2023 NBA Finals?

Which teams will play in the 2023 NBA Finals? First of all, congratulations to Steph Curry, who led the Golden State Warriors to a 4-2 series win in the 2022 NBA Finals. Now as we turn our attention the 2023 NBA season, the question every fan is asking is which teams will play their way into the ’23 NBA Finals. There are 82 regular-season games and three rounds of playoff games that every team must overcome first to earn a spot in the NBA Finals.

There are a large number of teams who could be in the 2023 NBA Finals, and a lot will depend on who plays best during the 2022-2023 NBA Regular Season. The top contenders to be in the upcoming NBA Finals include the Golden State Warriors and Milwaukee Bucks could each make a return. Other top candidates are the Lakers, Clippers, Suns, and Mavericks from the Western Conference. In the East, the Nets, Bucks, Celtics, Heat, Sixers, and Raptors look the most promising. Tickets for the 2023 NBA Finals will be available very soon and regular-season NBA tickets for all 2022-2023 games are already available to purchase. NBA playoffs tickets will be posted for sale as soon as they are closer.

Past NBA Champions

Below is the full list of NBA Champions by Year, including their opponent and the series record. This full list of past NBA Finals Champions starts back in 1947 when the Philadelphia Warriors beat the Chicago Stags. It spans through the decades where powerful teams like the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls won for years in a row. It features the teams that were among the greatest dynasties in the history of the sport: the 60’s Celtics, 80’s Lakers, 90’s Bulls, 00’s Spurs and the recent Golden State Warriors. All of the best teams in the history of basketball are on the list of NBA Finals Champions here:

NBA Finals Champions (All-Time)

2022Golden State Warriors4-2Boston Celtics
2021Milwaukee Bucks4-2Phoenix Suns
2020Los Angeles Lakers4-2Miami Heat
2019Toronto Raptors4-2Golden State Warriors
2018Golden State Warriors4-0 (sweep)Cleveland Cavaliers
2017Golden State Warriors4-1Cleveland Cavaliers
2016Cleveland Cavaliers4-3Golden State Warriors
2015Golden State Warriors4-2Cleveland Cavaliers
2014San Antonio Spurs4-1Miami Heat
2013Miami Heat4-3San Antonio Spurs
2012Miami Heat4-1Oklahoma City Thunder
2011Dallas Mavericks4-2Miami Heat
2010Los Angeles Lakers4-3Boston Celtics
2009Los Angeles Lakers4-1Orlando Magic
2008Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
2007San Antonio Spurs4-0 (sweep)Cleveland Cavaliers
2006Miami Heat4-2Dallas Mavericks
2005San Antonio Spurs4-3Detroit Pistons
2004Detroit Pistons4-1Los Angeles Lakers
2003San Antonio Spurs4-2New Jersey Nets
2002Los Angeles Lakers4-0 (sweep)New Jersey Nets
2001Los Angeles Lakers4-1Philadelphia 76ers
2000Los Angeles Lakers4-2Indiana Pacers
1999San Antonio Spurs4-1New York Knicks
1998Chicago Bulls4-2Utah Jazz
1997Chicago Bulls4-2Utah Jazz
1996Chicago Bulls4-2Seattle SuperSonics
1995Houston Rockets4-0 (sweep)Orlando Magic
1994Houston Rockets4-3New York Knicks
1993Chicago Bulls4-2Phoenix Suns
1992Chicago Bulls4-2Portland Trail Blazers
1991Chicago Bulls4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1990Detroit Pistons4-1Portland Trail Blazers
1989Detroit Pistons4-0 (sweep)Los Angeles Lakers
1988Los Angeles Lakers4-3Detroit Pistons
1987Los Angeles Lakers4-2Boston Celtics
1986Boston Celtics4-2Houston Rockets
1985Los Angeles Lakers4-2Boston Celtics
1984Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1983Philadelphia 76ers4-0 (sweep)Los Angeles Lakers
1982Los Angeles Lakers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1981Boston Celtics4-2Houston Rockets
1980Los Angeles Lakers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1979Seattle SuperSonics4-1Washington Bullets
1978Washington Bullets4-3Seattle SuperSonics
1977Portland Trail Blazers4-2Philadelphia 76ers
1976Boston Celtics4-2Phoenix Suns
1975Golden State Warriors4-0 (sweep)Washington Bullets
1974Boston Celtics4-3Milwaukee Bucks
1973New York Knicks4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1972Los Angeles Lakers4-1New York Knicks
1971Milwaukee Bucks4-0 (sweep)Baltimore Bullets
1970New York Knicks4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1969Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1968Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
1967Philadelphia 76ers4-2San Francisco Warriors
1966Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1965Boston Celtics4-1Los Angeles Lakers
1964Boston Celtics4-1San Francisco Warriors
1963Boston Celtics4-2Los Angeles Lakers
1962Boston Celtics4-3Los Angeles Lakers
1961Boston Celtics4-1St. Louis Hawks
1960Boston Celtics4-3St. Louis Hawks
1959Boston Celtics4-0 (sweep)Minneapolis Lakers
1958St. Louis Hawks4-2Boston Celtics
1957Boston Celtics4-3St. Louis Hawks
1956Philadelphia Warriors4-1Fort Wayne Pistons
1955Syracuse Nationals4-3Fort Wayne Pistons
1954Minneapolis Lakers4-3Syracuse Nationals
1953Minneapolis Lakers4-1New York Knicks
1952Minneapolis Lakers4-3New York Knicks
1951Rochester Royals4-3New York Knicks
1950Minneapolis Lakers4-2Syracuse Nationals
1949Minneapolis Lakers4-2Washington Capitols
1948Baltimore Bullets4-2Philadelphia Warriors
1947Philadelphia Warriors4-1Chicago Stags

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