Top Selling NBA & NHL Series in the 2019 Playoffs

Now that we are in the Conference Semifinal series in both the NBA and NHL, we take a look at which playoff series are seeing the most demand for tickets.

Top Selling NBA Playoff Series (2019)

The Rockets vs Warriors series is lapping the field with 200% more orders than we’re experiencing for Celtics vs Bucks. More than 2/3 of those orders for Rockets/Warriors are coming from Houston area. The Celtics vs Bucks may not be seeing as many orders as Rockets/Warriors, but it does have the higher average ticket (per order) of any NBA or NHL series – at nearly $509 per ticket. The majority of sales for that series are coming from Boston area, which accounts for 2/3 of orders. Philly fans account for 80% of the sales we have recorded on that series. The fewest orders we’re seeing are for fans from Portland for their series for the Nuggets.

  1. Rockets vs Warriors
  2. Celtics vs Bucks
  3. Raptors vs 76ers
  4. Blazers vs Nuggets

Top 2019 NHL Playoff Series

The surprise of the playoffs so far is the demand for the Stars vs Blues series which tops our sales in the NHL. Some of that strong sales volume may be due to the prices being most affordable on this series, as it has the smallest average ticket price (per order) for any of the NHL or NBA series at just $195 per ticket. Demand on that Stars vs Blues and Avalanche vs Sharks is split evenly between both markets. In the Bruins vs Blue Jackets series, all of our sales are coming from Boston fans. Those Bruins home games are carrying the highest average ticket price (per order) in the NHL at nearly $385 per ticket. Same in the Hurricanes vs Islanders series where 100% of our orders to date are coming from New York metro area.

  1. Stars vs Blues
  2. Avalanche vs Sharks
  3. Bruins vs Blue Jackets
  4. Hurricanes vs Islanders

TicketCity has tickets available for all NBA playoff series through the NBA Finals, as well as, all NHL playoff series through the Stanley Cup Finals.