NCAA Moves 3-Point Line

An NCAA panel on Friday adopted a recommendation to move the men’s 3-point line to 20 feet, 9 inches for the 2008-09 college basketball season. The decsion, by the playing rules oversight panel, marks the first major alteration to the 3-point shot since its adoption in 1986-87. The new 3-point line also must be a contrasting color to the current 19-9 3-point line, which women’s college basketball is retaining. While coaches had been in favor of the change, others said it would not solve crowding near the basket unless the free-throw lane was expanded as well. The panel also said it adopted other changes proposed by the men’s basketball rules committee. Those changes included eliminating the first lane space nearest the basket on each side and allowing officials to use courtside monitors to determine whether a flagrant foul has occurred, or which players may have played a role in an fight.