Nebraska Tickets

Whoo wee! The Nebraska Cornhuskers look stacked this year. You’d better believe that if you want to get Nebraska tickets this year, you’d better act fast. Let me elaborate by describing the high school junior offensive lineman they have playing for them over the next 5 years:

Height: 6′ 6″
Weight: 290 lbs.
Forty: 4.88 seconds (!!!)
Bench: 305 lbs
Squat Max: 465 lbs. (that’s a small motorcycle)
Vertical: 31 inches
GPA: 3.7

Oh, and Baker Steinkuhler (pictured above) is 17 years old. How nuts is that? You might recognize his name, both his brother and his dad played in the NFL, and also for Nebraska. Quite a Cornhusker legacy. Nebraska football tickets are gonna be hot, because they’re gonna be winning this year. Let’s look at the Nebraska Cornhusker schedule this year:

They gain momentum by starting the season against Nevada. Then they play at Wake Forest, and at home against Southern Cal. Want Nebraska tickets to the game against Southern Cal? Yeah, who doesn’t? They then play OK State, Texas A&M, and at Texas in three consecutive weeks. Want Nebraska football tickets to the Texas A&M game? Yeah, who doesn’t?

So, needless to say, this is an exciting season for Cornhusker fans. If you’re a fan that owns Cornhusker tickets for the whole season, and want to get tickets for some of the away game, call us! Likewise, if you don’t own any Cornhusker tickets at all, and would like to, call us! 800-SOLD-OUT.