NFL Ticket Brokers

Now that the NFL pre-season is fully underway football fans are beginning to start shopping for NFL tickets. Shopping for NFL tickets online can easily seem a little more overwhelming than shopping for airfare online.  Even though there are literally thousands of websites that sell airfare, there are a handful of sites that are household names. IMHO, few NFL ticket brokers could be considered household names and when you search for NFL tickets you’ll find thousands of websites. I would guess that most people are familiar with TicketMaster, but have you tried to find NFL tickets on their site lately? Sure they are often the primary distributor of NFL tickets, but they sell out usually within minutes once tickets become available.

Q. If you can’t get tickets from TicketMaster where can you get NFL tickets?

A. Many places, but if you don’t want to be ripped off your safest bet is to find a trusted NFL ticket broker.

Fans and season ticket holders who have tickets to games that they can’t attend or give away to friends and family will often list their tickets on auction sites or ticket broker sites. Many times NFL tickets are available on EBay. However, being careful not to get ripped off on EBay can be tricky. EBay doesn’t offer a lot of recourse to buyers when they’ve been duped. If you’re going to buy tickets on EBay I’d suggest buying from a business that also has their own website, physical address and a public telephone number (that they answer). In other words, you might as well be buying from a trusted NFL ticket broker to begin with 🙂

Q. So, who are these trustworthy NFL ticket brokers and how do they compare to each other on price and service?

A. As a premiere NFL ticket broker ourselves, we’ve studied our competition and we’re happy to point out the differences. Visit our Ticket Broker Comparison page for an in depth look at how the various NFL ticket brokers stack up against each other!

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