The Biggest Games of 2021 NFL Season

Complete 2021 NFL Schedule of Games

The NFL is the most popular sports league in the United States, so it stands to reason that one of the biggest dates on the calendar for every football fan is the day the NFL season schedule is released. The NFL release of the 2021 NFL regular-season schedule means that tickets for all 2021 NFL games are available to purchase, which has significantly more emphasis this season because many fans were not allowed to attend games last season (due to Coronavirus). There are also more NFL regular-season games in 2021 as the teams have moved to a 17 game regular-season schedule.

The NFL releases the schedule in prime-time so they can take advantage of the excitement fans over the schedule release, and thus the NFL Network and league partners have television programming to cover the schedule release. This has made the NFL schedule release date a bit of a moving target since they the NFL needs to keep it under wraps until they are ready to broadcast, but we do know it will be in May after the NFL Draft.

The league puts out the schedule for the entire regular-season, all 272 games, on one a single day in May. The schedule for 2021 will be a bigger schedule of NFL regular-season games than ever in history because the league has just added a 17th game to each team’s schedule. The schedule release officially opens up the window for fans to start buying NFL tickets for every regular-season games. (Note: the NFL preseason schedule is usually released just prior to this regular-season schedule release). The biggest ticket sales of the entire NFL season occur in the 24 hours after the schedule is released (see charts below).

What are the Top NFL Games of the 2021 Season?

The NFL schedule release puts a date on every game, but the match-ups are already known prior to the schedule release because the way the league sets up the schedule each year. Heading into the 2021 NFL season we already know which games will the biggest games, and below is our list of the biggest NFL games of the 2021 season:

  • Buccaneers at Patriots: The biggest game of the season will be when Tom Brady returns to Foxboro for the first-time as a visiting Quarterback to take on his former team, the Patriots. Every Patriots fan on the East Coast is already trying to get their hands on tickets to the biggest New England home game in years.
  • Packers at Chiefs: This game will likely be a showdown between best Quarterbacks in the NFL as Aaron Rodgers takes on Patrick Mahomes. Fans in Kansas City will pack Arrowhead to see a game that could wind up being a Super Bowl LVI preview.
  • Bills at Saints: The Bills Mafia heads down to the Big Easy in droves for this AFC vs NFC match-up. Look out, Bourbon Street.
  • Eagles at Raiders: Vegas is an amazing road trip for Eagles fans who will surely take advantage of their first ever NFL game in Sin City.
  • Bears at Raiders: Same for Bears fans, who are ready to click “Buy” on tickets for this fantastic NFL road trip.
  • Steelers at Packers: This game just feels different as two legendary NFL teams match-up on the field in Green Bay.
  • Bucs at Rams, Bucs at Jets, Bucs at Colts: There will be a lot of demand for the Super Bowl Champions all season, but in particular when Tom Brady is back in his hometown (L.A.), or back playing in New York or Indy, which are both holdover rivalries from his days with the Pats. Fans will show up to see the greatest QB of this generation.
  • Cardinals vs Seahawks vs Rams vs 49ers: The NFC West is going to have some great games this year.

Full NFL Stadiums in 2021

All of us in the NFL want to see every one of our fans back. Football is simply not the same without fans, and we expect to have full stadiums in the upcoming season.”

NFL Commission, Roger Goodell, at NFL League meetings in March 2021

Biggest Day of Football Sales in 2021

The largest single day of football sales in the whole calendar year is the 24 hours after the NFL schedule is released. Fans jump on the opportunity to purchase the best tickets for their favorite games. Below are a couple of charts showing the sales we track for pro football over a calendar year, and how concentrated sales are right after the new schedule comes out. We did not include ticket sales for the 2020 NFL season, which were impacted by Coronavirus. Instead we rolled back to the 2019 and 2018 to show just how much demand comes for tickets right after the schedule is released.

In 2019, the biggest day of NFL ticket sales came in the 24 hours after NFL Schedule was released . [Chart: 2019 NFL Ticket Sales (by date)]
Our largest day of NFL ticket sales in 2018 was the day after the schedule was released. [Chart: 2018 NFL Ticket Sales (by date)]

NFL Schedule Release Date: May 6th, 2021

The NFL has not yet announced the official date, but the most likely date date for the 2021 NFL schedule release is Thursday, May 6th. That keeps with the trend of the previous few years that the NFL releases the schedule on a weeknight around the NFL Draft. In 2020, the schedule release date was delayed a few weeks from April to May and the league intends to keep the schedule release after the NFL Draft in 2021. The official date of the NFL schedule release is never known until the last minute as the league and teams make the determination on their side.

As soon as the 2021 NFL schedule is released, we will have it listed on our website so you can purchase tickets for all NFL games at TicketCity. We have offered NFL tickets for sale since we opened our doors back in 1990 and offer a safe, reliable place to purchase tickets for your favorite team so you can #BeThereLive. Don’t miss the exciting NFL action of the upcoming season.