How will my NFL Tickets be Delivered?

How will my NFL tickets be delivered?

As new innovations in technology becomes more prevalent in everyday life, it seems nothing is left untouched, including the world of NFL tickets. This year, the NFL has moved all 32 teams to mobile ticketing which is the new norm in today’s digital age.  There are still a few select teams that still send out hard-stock tickets to their season ticket holders. There’s also season ticket cards, which have each game ticket loaded on them, but most teams and exchanges seem to prefer the added convenience and security that is given when transferring tickets via mobile.

All team apps can be found on iTunes & Google Play Store but below you will find each team with the ticket stock type offered this year and the links that give instructions and additional information on their ticket policies. Frequently asked questions are also located on each ticketing site to better prepare you for an awesome game-day experience.


Buffalo Bills –

Policies + FAQ’s

Buy Buffalo Bill’s NFL Tickets Here

Dallas Cowboys –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Dallas Cowboy’s NFL Tickets

Denver Broncos –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Denver Bronco’s NFL Tickets

Jacksonville Jaguars

Policies + FAQs 

Buy Jacksonville Jaguar’s NFL Tickets

Los Angeles Chargers –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Los Angeles Charger’s NFL Tickets 

Minnesota Vikings –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Minnesota Viking’s NFL Tickets 

Pittsburgh Steelers –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Pittsburgh Steeler’s NFL Tickets 

San Francisco 49ers –

Policies + FAQS

Buy San Francisco 49er’s NFL Tickets 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Tampa Bay Buccaneer’s NFL Tickets



MOBILE and *Season cards

Atlanta Falcons –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Atlanta Falcon’s NFL Tickets 

Baltimore Ravens –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Baltimore Raven’s NFL Tickets 

Kansas City Chiefs –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Kansas City Chief’s NFL Tickets 

New York Jets –

Policies + FAQs

Buy New York Jet’s NFL Tickets 

Tennessee Titans –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Tennessee Titan’s NFL Tickets 


Mobile and *Hard Stock Tickets

Arizona Cardinals –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Arizona Cardinal’s NFL Tickets

Carolina Panthers –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Carolina Panther’s NFL Tickets

Chicago Bears –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Chicago Bear’s NFL Tickets

Cincinnati Bengals –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Cincinnati Bengal’s NFL Tickets

Cleveland Browns –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Cleveland Brown’s NFL Tickets

Detroit Lions –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Detroit Lion’s NFL Tickets

Green Bay Packers –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Green Bay Packer’s NFL Tickets

Houston Texans –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Houston Texan’s NFL Tickets

Indianapolis Colts –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Indianapolis Colt’s NFL Tickets

Los Angeles Rams –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy Los Angeles Ram’s NFL Tickets

**New England Patriots –

Policies + FAQs

Buy New England Patriot’s NFL Tickets

New Orleans Saints –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy New Orleans Saint’s NFL Tickets

New York Giants –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy New York Giant’s NFL Tickets

Oakland Raiders –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Oakland Raider’s NFL Tickets

Philadelphia Eagles –

Policies + FAQs

Buy Philadelphia Eagle’s NFL Tickets

**Seattle Seahawks –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy Seattle Seahawk’s NFL Tickets


*Print At Home, Mobile and *Hard Stock Tickets

Miami Dolphins –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy Miami Dolphin’s NFL Tickets

Washington Redskins –

Policies + FAQs 

Buy Washington Redskin’s NFL Tickets


*Not always offered by seller for this type delivery

**In the process of becoming fully digital