Do I Need to Buy a Ticket for My Child to Attend an NFL Game?

NOTE: Updated for the 2021 NFL Season.

Families who would like to bring children to NFL games are frequently unsure if they are required to purchase tickets for their children. There is no master child ticket policy that governs all NFL teams, meaning that each individual team and stadium sets their own child ticket policies. Some teams simply require all children to have a ticket, while others may have a range of restrictions such as age or height to receive free admission. Many stadiums will issue matching wristbands to parents and children. Below is some helpful information on child ticket policies for every NFL team. 

The most generous NFL teams when it comes to their child ticket policy are the Rams, Chargers and Seahawks who all allow children under 3 years old to attend free of charge, although they must sit on their parents lap. Conversely there are four NFL teams who require every single person regardless of age, even babies, to have their own ticket. Those are the Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Check out the full list by team below.

Does My Child Need a Ticket to go to an NFL Game?

Free Admittance for Children under 3 Years Old (i.e.-have not reached their 3rd birthday):

    • Kansas City Chiefs
    • Los Angeles Rams
    • San Diego Chargers
    • Seattle Seahawks

Free Admittance for Children under 2 Years Old (i.e.- have not reached their 2nd birthday):

    • Arizona Cardinals
    • Baltimore Ravens
    • Buffalo Bills
    • Cincinnati Bengals
    • Cleveland Browns
    • Denver Broncos
    • Detroit Lions
    • Houston Texans
    • Indianapolis Colts
    • Las Vegas Raiders
    • Miami Dolphins (and up to 34 inches tall)
    • Minnesota Vikings (and under 36 inches tall)
    • New Orleans Saints
    • Philadelphia Eagles
    • San Francisco 49ers
    • Tennessee Titans
    • Washington Football Team (lap pass issued at entrance)

Free Admittance for Children under 1 Years Old (i.e.- have not reached their 1st birthday):

    • Carolina Panthers
    • Dallas Cowboys

Free Admittance for Children Based on Height:

    • Atlanta Falcons – Under 33 inches tall
    • Chicago Bears – Under 32 inches tall (get lap pass at Gate 8)
    • Jacksonville Jaguars – Under 34 inches tall (get lap pass at Ticket Office between Gates 2 & 3)
    • New York Giants – Under 34 inches tall
    • New York Jets – Under 34 inches tall

No Free Admittance for Children:

    • Green Bay Packers
    • New England Patriots
    • Pittsburgh Steelers
    • Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Something for a parent to consider is that children admitted free into the game will not have their own seat, and are required to sit on their lap during the game. Some stadiums require a lap pass, so be sure to plan extra time to get these before you enter.  If you want a seat for your child, then you will need to purchase a ticket to the NFL game you are attending. We also recommend that you take proof of your child’s age, in the off chance that the gate attendant asks to see it before allowing your child to enter the stadium. (Please note: the policies of NFL teams continue to change, so check the official team site before you head to the stadium on game day.)

Photo credit: Austin Kirk