Insiders Guide to Buying Super Bowl Tickets

The current average ticket price for the upcoming 2018 Super Bowl is at $7,572 (1/22/2018), which is up just short of $1,000 after a weekend of AFC & NFC Championship games. Despite the Viking’s loss, this is a significant increase compared to the 2017 Super Bowl’s average ticket price of $4,320.

As the Super Bowl gets closer, ticket prices begin to fluctuate more and they typically reach their highest price once the teams have been determined. The goal of the TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor is to provide consumers with an in-depth look at the historical data surrounding the Super Bowl so they can make intelligent decisions when buying for the big game!

Based on the average ticket prices historically (last 5 Super Bowl’s) month-by-month, this week’s prices are the highest Super Bowl tickets will reach. The ticket prices currently range from $4,459 to $39,312 (1/22 at 11:00 am CST). If they remain on the same course as they previously have, the ticket prices will fall week-of the game and the highest percentage will be purchased between January 28 and February 3 (week-of.)

For those looking to get the best deal on Super Bowl tickets, you can find the historical data here. We will continue to update customer’s daily on our TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor. We expect and predict the highest amount of purchases during the week of the game. Over the last 5 years, the 7-day period leading up to the Super Bowl accounts for (on average) 32% of Super Bowl sales on average. This means 1 in every 3 buyers will buy week-of.

The TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor provides fans pricing insights and statistical confidence prior to your purchase of tickets. In addition, we have provided a historical chart of previous ticket prices, the TicketCity Smart TicketPredictor platform also shares the current average cost of tickets for the 2018 Big Game, updated on a 24-hour cycle, and whether the price per ticket is likely to rise or fall within the next seven days.

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