Famous Super Bowls

Super Bowl III
The first ever Super Bowl to be called by a number (Super Bowl III), this championship proved that the AFL was on par with the NFL for the very first time. Even New York Jets quarterback Joe Namath promised his team a victory – a guarantee that was obviously out of place, as the Colts were favored to win by as much as a 20-point margin. However, on game day, Namath played like a true professional, throwing for 206 yards on his way to an MVP performance. The Colts were unable to keep the game within one score, and the Jets took the title, 16-7.

Super Bowl XXIII
Both Joe Montana and wide receiver Jerry Rice dominated the effort of the San Francisco 49ers to become a dominate force in the upcoming NFL seasons. Down 16-13, San Francisco had the ball on their own 8-yard line, going up against the strong Cincinnati Bengals defense. On a 94-yard drive, Montana completed one last pass with 34 seconds left to play. He hit John Taylor in the end zone to put the 49ers in the lead, and the 49ers started their dynasty with a cool 20-16 victory.

Super Bowl XXV
This Championship game was infused with patriotic pride, as the U.S. was in the middle of the first Gulf War. The New York Giants were on their way to winning two Super Bowls in 5 years as they played the Buffalo Bills. New York had possession of the ball for a record 40 minutes and 33 seconds, with their longest drive clocking it at 9:29 in the third quarter before scoring on a one-yard run by running back Ottis Anderson. The Bills had one final chance to win the game on a field goal with seconds remaining, but the 47-yard attempt by Scott Norwood sailed wide, and the Giants sealed the victory, 20-19.

Super Bowl XXXII
This football championship was played at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, CA, which also hosted the 1998 World Series the same year, marking the only time two major sport championships were played at the same stadium in the same year. The AFC’s Denver Broncos challenged the heavily favored NFC Green Bay Packers for the title. At the half, the Broncos were leading 17-14, with the lead cut short by Favre’s pass to Mark Chmura just before the close of the half. However, in the second half, both teams competed in one of the mightiest back-and-forth battles in Super Bowl history. By the fourth quarter, the score was tied, and both teams exchanged punts before the Broncos lead the offensive to seal the deal. The Broncos scored the game-winning touchdown with 1:45 remaining. Green Bay could not complete their final drive to tie the score, and the Broncos ran out the clock for the win, 31-24.

Super Bowl XXXVI
With the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon on September 11 earlier in the season, it should only seem fitting that the New England Patriots would be competing in Super Bowl XXXVI. Though labeled as the underdogs, New England jumped to a 17-3 lead over the St. Louis Rams by the end of the second quarter. The game switched gears in the second half, as the Rams made up the points necessary to put the game at a 17-17 tie. On the final play of the game, Adam Vinatieri made a 48-yard field goal to give the Patriots the championship, 20-17. This game marked the first time a Super Bowl was decided on the points from the final play of the game.

Super Bowl XLIX
The hype leading up to Super bowl XLIX was some of the biggest of any game in the decade before it. The defending Super Bowl Champion Seattle Seahawks and their Legion of Boom on defense would take on one of the greatest post season quarterbacks of all time in Tom Brady. Brady and the Patriots had lost their two previous Super Bowl appearances and were looking for redemption. A back and forth game saw the Patriots take the lead with just over 2 minutes remaining in the game. But Russell Wilson and company drove the ball the length of the field and had a 2nd and goal situation with 26 seconds remaining. The game looked all but won for the Seahawks, when Malcolm Butler stepped in front of a slant route, to intercept Wilson, and seal the Patriots 4th Super Bowl win.