Top 10 Cheapest NFL Games in 2019

We reviewed all 256 games of the 2019 NFL season to find out which games have the cheapest tickets. Our exploration found out that NFL fans in Buffalo, Los Angeles and Phoenix will have access to many of the lowest priced tickets in the league. The Bills account for 3 of our top lowest priced games of the 2019 season, so there is no reason for fans in Buffalo not to get out to experience some great NFL action. Buffalo may also be a popular destination for Patriots fans who want see their team for a lot less than they will pay for a home game at Gillette, where average home ticket costs $340.

For this list, we ranked the games based on their “get in” price as of August 6th. This price includes all fees (minus shipping). The “get in” price is the lowest price for the game that includes an actual seat. We’re excluding standing-room only and tickets that only allow event entry. Ticket prices fluctuate during the season based on performance and other factors, but here’s the list of the 10 Least Expensive NFL Games right now.

10 Least Expensive NFL Games

  1. Bills vs Jets at $25
  2. Bills vs Ravens at $27
  3. Rams vs Buccaneers at $29
  4. Rams vs Cardinals at $30 (tie)
  5. Titans vs Jaguars at $30 (tie)
  6. Bills vs Redskins at $30 (tie)
  7. Bengals vs Jaguars at $31
  8. Jaguars vs Titans at $31
  9. Cardinals vs Panthers at $33
  10. Bengals vs Cardinals at $35

*Price is the lowest ticket price on Aug 6, 2019 at 5pm CST. Prices are subject to change. The price listed is per ticket & includes fees (minus shipping).

Lowest Priced NFL Games of 2019
The Bills lead the list of the lowest price NFL games of the season

To come up with information, we studied all 256 game to find the best tickets for every NFL game. We discovered that the average “get in” price across the entire league is $112 per ticket and there are on average about 5,000+ tickets available on secondary market (currently) to purchase for each game.