Top 2019 NFL International Series Games

The NFL is a global sport, and has fans around the World. To better accommodate those fans, the league has scheduled five regular-season NFL games to be played abroad in 2019. There are four schedules being played in London and one in Mexico City. There was also a unique preseason game played in Canada on an 80 yard field. NFL International Series tickets are available to purchase at TicketCity from fans in the United States, as well as, fans in England or Mexico. The question now is which game should you see, so we made it easier by ranking the best International Series games of 2019.

Ranking the 2019 NFL International Games

  1. Texans vs Jaguars (Nov 3): Wembley Stadium (London)
  2. Chiefs vs Chargers (Nov 18): Stadium Azteca (Mexico City)
  3. Bengals vs Rams (Oct 27): Wembley Stadium (London)
  4. Bears vs Raiders (Oct 6): Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (London)
  5. Panthers vs Bucs (Oct 13): Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (London)

The Texans vs Jags matches up two of the best teams in the NFL, with a host of marketable stars. Fans will show to see JJ Watt, Jalen Ramsey and Deshaun Watson play. Plus you get to watch NFL football in historic Wembley Stadium in London, which is one of the great venues.

The Chiefs and Chargers in Mexico City would be our #1 game except there is going to be that uncertainty about the venue under they announce the field at Stadium Azteca is ready for it. Last season, the game was moved back to Los Angeles due to turf condition issues. Once this one kicks off, it should be the most exciting game with both teams scoring lots of points. It is only a 4 hour plane ride from L.A. to Mexico City, so expect to see lots of fans making the trip.

The Bengals and Rams should be another high scoring game. It also includes one of the two Super Bowl LIII teams in the Rams.

The Bears and Raiders are both legendary NFL teams, so the brand of each should bring out lots of fans. Plus they are playing at the new, amazing stadium built for the Tottenham Hotspur team.

The Panthers and Bucs game should also be fun to watch as Cam Newton takes on Jameis Winston. These are division rivals, so the intensity on the field will be a little higher for this one.

That is our ranking of this year’s NFL Intl Series games. If you need tickets to any of these games, we have them available at TicketCity. You can also book your hotel and flights through our partner at